Video Production

Video production stages consist of three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. In order for corporate video solutions to succeed, all of these stages must be found for the video production company.


During the video production process, the preparation of the script in the light of corporate solutions, the preparation of the voiceover work and the creation of appropriate textual content constitute a very important process for video production work.


As a video production company, our company provides services in different fields such as commercial films, animation works, corporate spot works, event solutions. It offers video solutions with a corporate understanding in the light of an approach that always continues to be innovative in line with its corporate understanding



Video Production Pre-Production

During the video production process, pre-production preparations begin. At this stage


  • analyzing the target audience
  • sector analysis Benchmarking study
  • Following corporate brands and trends


Pre-production video production studies are planned. These pre-production studies are extremely important for the corporate video content to reach its goal in terms of appealing to the target audience.

In the pre-production phase, technical, administrative and artistic solutions such as the cast, voice-over staff and shooting techniques that will take part in the video production are also thoroughly evaluated.


In this process that determines the quality of the video content, the extent to which the agency dominates its business is a very important factor. In the pre-production (pre-production) phase, it is aimed to create the best production solutions by taking the stock records from the archive if necessary.


Pre-production technical studies such as the suitability of the voice text to the script, ensuring coordination between the voice actor and the text writers are included. The shooting quality of the image is also one of the issues that should be considered in the pre-production phase. Issues such as which camera shooting techniques will be applied within the scenario, which effective works will be included in terms of montage techniques and the editing will be carried out are also discussed at this stage.


Video Production Stage

Video editing is the cornerstone of all the work of production agencies. This stage is virtually the backbone of the project to be revealed. In the second stage, our corporate video solutions are discussed during the production of video production cost, conducting a work according to the appropriate scenario by considering shooting techniques, voice-over and editing & assembly process.


The final form of the voiceover to be adapted to the text by determining the voiceover staff is provided as a result of coordinated work with the cinematographer, which audio and visual effects related to the editing process of the video image will be applied.


Cost calculation is another issue that video production companies should definitely pay attention to during the construction phase. With years of professionalism, you are always served in video production, taking into account the innovations of technology.


The production process also varies depending on the area of the video production service. We work in coordination with the producer depending on which field video content will be prepared, such as commercial films, animation films, motion graphic artist works.


It is also useful to emphasize that the preparation of the text in the video content and the selection of the cast should be taken into consideration. Customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level by including corporate video solutions without departing from the line of understanding given years.


By applying our advanced technology video solutions, we provide meticulous service during the construction phase in meeting corporate video needs. In this intensive work process, which forms the backbone of the construction after the pre-construction phase, every detail is taken into account in this process.



Video Post-Production

In the post production phase of video production, which is the last stage of video production works;


  • Establishing a voice-over staff in line with the concept
  • Determining the copywriter team suitable for the production concept
  • Completion of visual stock studies
  • editing – completing the assembly work
  • creating visual & audio effects to be used in editing
    With such processes, video content is successfully created.


We aim to bring you the best solutions without interruption, adhering to the approach that takes all expectations into account.


The video production needs of the 21st century are met by bringing video solutions together with our corporate customers without compromising our quality. Today, advertising and promotional activities are provided with video content. Because instead of reading, people find the visual content they see directly, more realistic, more convincing and more accurate. Since it appeals to one-to-one visual pleasure, the extremely successful video quality in integrity is the most important factor in achieving the purpose of the advertisement.


With years of agency experience, we offer solutions with an understanding that continues to serve you in the best way at all times in corporate promotional activities. You can also get corporate service from our company, which provides customer satisfaction oriented service.

Corporate Advertising Films & Animations

The ideal way to increase brand awareness is to create commercials. It should definitely be taken into account that video production studies are important in terms of broadcasting commercial films in terrestrial press broadcasters and appealing to the target audience.

We are working intensively with our team to introduce quality video content in corporate advertising and promotion work. With our years of experience in the industry, we provide you corporate commercials & animation films production service.

Social Media Solutions & Digital Marketing

Almost everyone agrees when social media has already taken over the throne of media organizations. So, it is not enough that the media where video contents will be prepared and broadcast are only media broadcasting organizations. Apart from this, it is extremely important to perform this process on social media channels. Digital marketing continues to rise in parallel with the development of the internet, especially mobile internet technology.


Thanks to an effective digital marketing technique in product and service promotions, it is possible to achieve success in visual promotion.


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Wift in Social Media

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