SEO, created by the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, is a concept that expresses the work required for a website to attract attention by internet search engines. When you own a website, you want your website to be among the sites that stand out as a result of the searches. Websites that stand out in search engines have more visitors than other websites and can generate more revenue as the number of advertisements received on the website increases.


These optimization activities are divided into two as on-site and off-site. It is recommended to perform on-site SEO work first and then to SEO off-site.

How Is SEO Done?

If you want to perform SEO studies for your website without being an SEO expert, you can start by having information about the techniques of these studies. Search engines, especially those called giant search engines such as Google, choose a website that will highlight more than 200 different criteria.

If you want to perform SEO studies for your website without being an SEO expert, you can start by having information about the techniques of these studies. Search engines, especially those called giant search engines such as Google, choose a website that will highlight more than 200 different criteria.

Although search engines announce most of these criteria to website owners, they want to provide the best website viewing service to their users by keeping some criteria secret. You don’t need to master 200 different criteria to ensure that your ranking in search engines is in a good position. Knowing the criteria required to be included in the “user-friendly website” category, it will be enough for you to follow them on a monthly basis and adapt the updates to your website.


If you want your website to rank well from other websites, here are the details you need to know:


First of all, you should master the technical SEO details called on-site SEO and rearrange your website design and the content on your site’s pages according to certain criteria. Since SEO studies also contain decisive criteria for the content of websites, you should pay attention to the content you add to a certain quality standard. After these two basic steps take place, you can make your website an important website within the search engines by exchanging backlinks.


SEO is one of the mandatory steps, especially on websites established for commercial purposes. If you want to introduce your product or the service you offer to the target audience in a short way, you can highlight your website by performing SEO studies. Web sites are sorted by bots created by search engines. Websites that do not give importance to SEO work will fall behind, even if they advertise websites, they cannot provide the data flow they want. If you want to make your website a site that more people reach, you should definitely perform SEO work.


SEO: On-Site and Off-Site SEO

SEO work is carried out in two different ways. On-site SEO refers to the arrangements made according to many different criteria, from the design of your website to its content. Off-site SEO refers to the backlink exchanges between different websites and your website.


The primary thing that should be determined in on-site SEO studies is the target audience and purpose of your website. After these two important criteria are determined, the studies are shaped within the framework of these criteria. After making the necessary analyzes about the sector you serve or offer products, your website design and the contents on your website are optimized with search engines within the framework of the determined keywords.


When it comes to in-site SEO work, it is primarily checked whether your website is on the blacklist in terms of search engines. It is easier to perform optimization processes on websites that are not included in the Blacklist. In the continuation of the work, the source codes of the website come into play. The bots created by search engines read the source codes of the websites and perform the operations they perform. Therefore, the source code needs to be edited.


Then the interface of the website is rearranged within the framework of the criteria specified by the search engines. Many criteria such as the ease of use of the website, the opening of the site within 3 seconds without causing any freezing, and the compatibility of the site and content will increase the time spent by the users visiting the site. The users who visit the website spend time here, which is an important criterion for the search engines to stand out.


Off-site SEO work refers to websites serving in the same industry or in different sectors to exchange links with each other. Since this shopping will put a website in an encyclopedia atmosphere, it provides a very effective site impression by users. At the same time, search engines pay attention to the quality of the backlinks and their not being mutually executed. Since the backlinks you have made from websites that are on the blacklists of search engines may cause your website to drop quickly, you should carefully examine the status of that website before exchanging backlinks with a site. The fact that the website where you will shop for backlinks is ranked higher than your website is among the moves that can increase the ranking of your site.

White Hat and Black Hat Terms

If you want to perform SEO studies, you also need to know about the terms White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat is the technical name of SEO studies that are properly performed in line with the criteria specified by search engines. Thanks to the work carried out, your website will be able to attract the attention of your visitors and your visitors will have a better quality experience during their time on your website.

The term Black Hat, on the other hand, refers to the fact that the work performed is diametrically opposed to SEO criteria. The work carried out is carried out in violation of ethical rules. As a result of these studies, it becomes easier for you to rank high in the search results; However, when the security bots created by search engines notice this situation, your website may be subject to quite large penalties and prohibitions. As a result of these studies carried out in order to achieve high success in a short time, it may be possible to lose all the visitors you have gained with your website being among the banned sites. For this reason, observing the change of your ranking with the studies carried out within the framework of ethical rules is among the recommended moves in terms of the fate of your site.

The Criteria To Be Considered In SEO Work

When you perform SEO work, you need to analyze the target audience of the content you will add to your website. “What words will the audience search for your content?” The words you have obtained within the framework of the question will be your keywords. When you use them in content, your probability of being at the top of the searches will increase. It is also among the recommended titles that you will use in the content to attract the attention of users.


After adding the title, you can have a website that will attract the attention of both search engines and users by using various tags. Keep track of successful websites in the same industry as yours and observe the titles and tags they use. After this observation process, you can become more successful with the moves you apply to your website.


Another thing you should pay attention to during SEO work is the use of URLs. You should pay attention to the arrangement of the URL you will use in a structure that will attract the attention of your target audience. You can create your page links by using the words you use in the title and tag part of your content. At the same time, using short links is among the recommended steps as it will facilitate the sharing of links.


One of the SEO studies that you should pay attention to on your website is to use graphics compatible with your website correctly. Because users like the use of videos and graphics when accessing accurate information, you should pay attention to these contents. The fact that the multimedia elements you have prepared can be shared with different users and have features such as likes and comments will enable users to spend more time on your website. When naming these multimedia items you have prepared, you should remember to name them in accordance with the title and tags. Since search engines do not have the structure to display multimedia items, it will be revealed that they are compatible with the content thanks to these explanations you have added.


Finally, the SEO criterion that search engines have paid the most attention to on websites in recent years is the ability to be viewed in mobile browsers. After doing the necessary work for your website, you should resize it so that it can be opened in a short time in mobile browsers and maximize the users’ experience.